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Prayer Needs:

Updated December 28, 2017

Please Pray…

Josephales Mtebe, school director, is in Dar es Salaam teaching a Christmas Conference — a tradition in many Tanzanian churches.  It is a special opportunity for him and for the very large number of people attending.  Pray for God’s blessing on them all, and for safe travel for Mtebe on the long trip back to the school.

Students and teachers are on break…so please be praying for the rest and renewal.  Staff is expected to return for the beginning of the new school year on January 8, and classes begin on January 15.  The school year in Tanzania begins in January for most students.

RAIN — there has been some rain, but crops are at a critical point and rain seems to have stopped…please pray urgently for more rain so a harvest may be realized.


Updated December 8, 2017

Please Pray…

The fall rains have not provided relief to the ongoing drought affecting East Africa, including the area around Lion of Judah Academy.  Food prices continue to rise, creating major hardships for families and the school.  Please pray for God’s intervention in this serious situation, and for His provision for the school and for his people

For the Schaffer Family who are currently in the U.S. and will be returning to Lion of Judah Academy with their new baby, Everlyn, in January.

For all the students and staff who are on break from school, that they would be blessed with peace, rest and refreshment, and a glorious Christmas celebration; and that they will return to campus in January eager to begin an exciting new year.

For Abigail and Masanagulilo (see below) who continue to recover.  Masanagulilo is doing well…but Abigail continues to struggle.


Updated October 26, 2017

Please Pray…

For Everlyn Grace Shaffer, born October 22, to LOJA missionaries Paula and Dan Shaffer.  They are currently in Kenya with lots of tasks to take care of before returning to the school.  Pray for God’s blessings and safety for the family, and thanksgiving for her safe delivery and health.

For the fall rains, that they will sufficient to break the current drought affecting East Africa and the school.

For Abigail and Masanagulilo, who are both having serious medical issues.  Abigail is a secondary school student, Masanagulilo — along with his wife — are head dorm parents and (except for Mtebe and Pili) our longest tenured staff members!  Both have had major surgeries for serious issues.  Masanagulilo is back at school and healing up well.  Abigail had to have a second surgery, is currently out of school, and must have a third surgery in about six months.

For the recent graduates of Standard 7 and Form 4, who graduated on October 21.  We expect the Standard 7 students will return to Form 1 in January.  Many of the Form 4 students will return for Form 5, but some — who plan futures which do not require university studies — will be going on to what comes next in their lives.  All Form 4 students will be taking the national exams immediately.  Please pray for them.


Updated September 5, 2017

Standard 7 National Examinations are September 6-7.  These are very important exams for the students, and hence this is a stressful time.  Please pray for God’s inner peace…that each student will experience God’s blessing and be able to perform up to their abilities.

Also, mid-term break begins September 8.  The students will return to class on September 18.  Please pray for safe travel and blessing on their time away from classes.


Updated July 2, 2017:

Second term classes begin on Monday, July 3.  Please pray for the traveling students, all the preparations, and for students as teachers for the coming term.  Note:  July 3 is the beginning of the second term for all classes except Forms 5 and 6…for them it is the beginning of the new academic year

Please pray for Dan and Paula Shaffer, missionaries at LOJA…Paula is expecting their first child.  Read the July 2 blog post for more details.


Updated June 20, 2017:

Thank you all for your prayers for Mtebe’s father, Sosthenes.  He passed from this life into eternity just a few days ago, and is now rejoicing before the throne of Jesus!

The students are currently on their break between first and second term.  They will return to classes in early July.  Please be praying for all the teachers and students, for rest and renewal in preparation for the beginning of the upcoming term.

The Form 6 graduates are awaiting their national exam results, which will determine to a large extent their university placements.  Please be remembering them in your prayers.


Updated May 16, 2017:

Sosthenes Mtebe, school director Mtebe’s father, is really struggling.  He continues to live with the Mtebe’s and they are his primary caregivers.  Over the past couple of days he seems to have taken a turn for the worse.  Please pray for him, and for God to fill all the family with peace and confidence in Him.

Updated May 14, 2017:

The Form 6 class has completed their exams and have graduated, but will now be awaiting results of their national exams…which have great impact on their future, university placement, etc.  “Division 1” is the highest ranking…pray for all our graduates to reach Division 1 in their results

It has been raining…but not enough to provide widespread relief from drought conditions.  However, additional rain can help some crops.  Please continue to pray for rain!


Updated April 30, 2017

FORM 6 NATIONAL EXAMS — Our Form 6 students begin taking their national exams on May 2, and continue a couple of days.  These exams are extremely important because they are basically their university qualification and placement exams.  In some ways they are similar to our SAT’s…only even more is riding on them for the students.  Our students have a record of performing very well on these exams, but it’s a lot of pressure and a great deal is riding on them.

Ongoing concerns which are getting worse:

Drought in Tanzania and food shortages – the entire nation of Tanzania is currently suffering a major drought with the related food shortages.  .  Food prices have already increased considerably and Mtebe is feeling “the pinch” of having to divert funds from educational projects to the food budget.  We will be evaluating this situation closely while we are there and will keep you updated.  The last time this happened, back in 2011-12, things got so bad in the area that we initiated an ’emergency feeding program’ for our students as well as children in the Bulima area.  PLEASE PRAY FOR RAIN, AND LOTS OF IT!

Also — School Director Mtebe’s father  — Director Mtebe’s father has been diagnosed with cirrhosis of the live.  He is currently living with the Mtebe’s at the school and they are his primary caregivers.  Please pray for him…his name is Sosthenes Mtebe…as well as the entire Mtebe family. He is a wonderful man, and a dear supporter of the ministry of Lion of Judah Academy


3 Responses to Prayer Needs

  1. James Peter says:

    okey i’ll be among the prayer warriors for them!

  2. dawn houser says:

    Hi Miriam Jacobs!! We love you and miss you,
    Miss Dawn Houser and jIllian at TKA

  3. Glenn Shrom says:

    Thank you for the updated requests! I prayed today using this page!

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