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The School’s website is:

On Facebook we are located here:   The Lion of Judah Academy

The Lion of Judah Academy is located in Bulima, Tanzania.  Contact information for the school itself is below.

The Lion of Judah Ministries is a 501 (c) (3) not for profit organization in the United States, which exists to support and develop partnerships with The Lion of Judah Academy in Tanzania.

The Lion of Judah Ministry’s office Office is located at:  12523 SE Old Cypress Drive, Hobe Sound, FL  33455


The Lion of Judah Academy address is:  Box 268, Magu, Tanzania, East Africa.

That is the postal address for the school as well as any of the students and staff.  Letters should be sent to that address.  However, if you would like to send a parcel to the school or to an individual at the school, please contact the Lion of Judah Ministry office for guidance.   Customs and tariffs can be very confusing and unnecessarily expensive if not done correctly.  We can provide guidance about how to minimize the expense for the people receiving whatever it is you want to send.

We also invite you to leave a message below.

6 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Roy and Sharyl says:

    Your new website is beautifully done! It is a blessing to explore.

  2. James Peter says:

    Nothing that I’ll ever forget what taught me to overtake and kick the foolishness in my mind like the place I studied since July,2006-5th,November,2011.
    A place that most of we had never thought to find or have energie to build such!
    God bless the Director(Mtebe Josephalese) and the Inlows God knows why so let HIM not CLOSE HIS EYES TO THE SCHOOL!

    graduated 5/11/2011.

  3. remija mshuka says:

    hallo! napenda kufahamu kama shule inapokea wanafunzi wanao rudia shule kuanzia kidato cha tatu

  4. Kasenye Goodluck Hitra Sanjo says:

    Nimefurahi sana kuona maendeleo makubwa ya SIMBA WA YUDA niliwai kufuandisha hapo,wakati nikiwa mwanachuo wa chuokikuu mt mtakatifu AUGUSTINO [MWANZA].During my teaching practice mwaka 2010

  5. Hardat manchare says:

    Please notify me for your new fees now… Please I want to get a quick answer… PCB… Advance boarding fees

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