As many of you know, rain has been a scarce thing in many areas of East Africa in recent years…and that’s especially true in Tanzania, and the region around The Lion of Judah Academy.  We’ve often asked you to pray for rains as we have lamented season after season of failed crops, sky-rocketing food prices, and genuine hunger.

Last fall the rains were somewhat better, but still far short of what is needed.  But this spring the rains have been strong and good…in some places almost too good as there has been some flooding (including some lost of life).  But we are so excited to be able to report that the spring rains appear to have been strong enough to yield good harvests of all needed crops, including rice.


Crops around Lion of Judah Academy

Fuzzy…but Green!!

This photo was taken from one of the Lion of Judah Academy staff gardens just a few days ago.  Sorry it’s kind of blurry (we had to crop it from another low resolution file)…but look at all the green!  And things are obviously growing!!  And on the left you can see something we (the Inlows) haven’t seen around the school for several years — standing water after a rain storm!

Thank you for all your support and prayers over the past few years!  Please pray for a good harvest, and good rains in the coming rain seasons — the next one should come in October – December.

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