Examinations are an important time for all students, everywhere.  But it doesn’t get much more important for students in Tanzania than their Form 6 National Examinations.

Which universities they are eligible for…even if they are eligible to attend a university…will largely be determined by their exam results.  For many students their chosen career path will be opened…or closed…based on their exam results.

Most of the next two weeks – from today (May 7) until May 18 – will be occupied by their Form 6 national exams (that’s right…two weeks of exams!!)

So…please keep the fifty-two Form 6 students from The Lion of Judah Academy in your prayers during the next two weeks.  They will do well…we have no doubt about that!  They are bright, and well prepared, and capable.  But will their exam results be strong enough to allow them to qualify to attend the medical university…the law school…the engineering college…or other school…which will then enable them to go on to fulfill their dreams?  To reach their full potential and calling?

To a large extent that will be determined based on their national examination results.

Form 6 Graduation will be Saturday, May 19.  All fifty-two students will be graduating — they have already met all the qualifications necessary to successfully complete their Form 6 education at Lion of Judah Academy.  The graduation will be a wonderful and joyful celebration – Lynn and I had the opportunity to be there a year ago for the graduation.  They are special events!

But then the waiting begins.  They will need to wait many months for their exam results.  Only after that will they be told what career fields and universities are open to them.

We are proud of each one of our 52 graduates.  They will always be part of our Lion of Judah Academy Family, and under the umbrella of the school’s care and love.  But today, and for the next couple of weeks, they are in special need your prayers.  So please be praying for them.  Especially for God

  • to bless them during this exam period
  • to keep them healthy and alert
  • to assist each one to perform up to his or her full potential

Update:    I just found this photo of the 2018 Form Six students posted on Facebook…these are the students you are praying for:

2018 Form Six students

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  1. blhoag says:

    Will do…what pressure!! But as you said, we know they will do well.

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