Please Pray for Rain…and Other News

PRAYERS URGENTLY NEEDED — We have just spoken to Mtebe, Lion of Judah Academy director.  Rain is very much needed.  There has been rain…enough to get crops to grow and start to develop.  But the rain has slowed down and if a harvest is to be realized, more rain is needed and needed soon.  The drought situation in East Africa is truly critical.  We haven’t heard much about it in our U.S. news reports, but people are suffering.  Our food costs for the students have increased as much as 300%.  We have had to increase school fees for the coming year to help cover costs.  We will keep you posted…but for now — please pray for rain!

July 2018 mission trip to Lion of Judah Academy — We have quite a bit of interest in an upcoming trip to the school, and are planning a trip for this coming July.  Details are still being developed but if you may be interested please contact us soon:

We’re very pleased that, once again, our Lion of Judah Ministries overhead/ administrative/fund-raising expense ratio is among the lowest of all charities in the United States.  Our most recent 990 Tax Report to the Internal Revenue Service showed that only 1.5% of what we received in 2016 was spent on administration, fund-raising and overhead.  What it doesn’t show is that of that amount, all of the expense was paid by donations specifically for administration and fund raising.  What that means is 100% of every dollar contributed for the work of the school and the benefit of the students went directly to those purposes.  If you’d like to see our 2016 IRS 990 tax report, and our 2016 Financial Review, CLICK HERE

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