School’s Out! Lots of Updates!

My apologies for being out of touch in recent weeks…life has been extremely hectic around our house.  However, it’s not for lack of things happening at Lion of Judah Academy.  Instead of trying to cram everything into one post I’m going to write about a few things now…and add a few more every couple of days for the next few days until I get caught up.

School’s Out – the school year ended a couple of weeks ago and students are all on break.  Classes will resume in January with a new school year beginning.  Two classes have graduated:  Standard Seven, most of whom will be continuing on to Form 1 when classes resume; and Form IV, most of whom will be continuing on to A-Level Form V (Advanced Level High School)…but those classes won’t begin until later in the spring.  All the graduates in both levels took their critical national exams during the fall, and are awaiting the results.


One of the recent Lion of Judah Academy Graduating classes – fall 2017

Photos of the graduates, along with some other photos of interest (like the school staff) can be found here:  Fall 2017           The link will take you to Flickr where you can view the Fall 2017 album and find other photos from the school

Dan, Paula and Everlyn Shaffer — in our last post we told you about the arrival of Dan and Paula Shaffer’s baby girl, Everlyn Grace.  But we didn’t have any details.  So here’s a link to Dan and Paula’s recent update…including a photo of Everlyn!  They are currently in the U.S. for a short time, and will return to Lion of Judah Academy in January.  Here’s a link to their newsletter:  Shaffer 2017 December Newsletter

Drought and the Rain Situation — many of you know that East Africa generally, and our region in particular, have been experiencing drought in recent years.   The fall rainy season has not provided much relief…the situation is growing more critical.  Food prices have soared…in some cases to 300% of their normal level.  This hits our school budget hard…the school almost didn’t make it through the last term.  We have had to increase school fees for the coming year which, of course, creates a different type of pressure on the school and the families.  Please pray for rain and for God’s intervention, and His gracious provision for all the needs of the school and His people

I’ll write more in a couple of days!


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