News and Updates from LOJA

Some important things have been happening at The Lion of Judah Academy…it’s hard to know what to write about first!

GRADUATION — Saturday, October 21, was graduation day at The Lion of Judah Academy!  Standard 7 and Form 4 had a joyful combined graduation celebration, including all the “pomp and circumstance” — the singing and dancing — and the banquet!  We weren’t able to be there personally, but I’m sure the campus was overflowing with proud families and students.  Standard 7 students took their national examinations several weeks ago and are awaiting the results.  Form 4 students will be taking their national examinations very soon.


WELCOME EVERLYN GRACE SHAFFER – Sunday, October 22, Everlyn Grace Shaffer was born in Nairobi, Kenya.  Everlyn is the newborn daughter of LOJA missionaries Paula and Dan Shaffer.  She’s 6.4 pounds, 19 inches, healthy and happy!  Dan and Paula have been missionaries at Lion of Judah Academy for several years and are an important part of the LOJA family.  They traveled to Nairobi a few weeks ago to await Everlyn’s birth.  Paula and Dan shared their joy,  and some wonderful demonstrations of God’s providence and grace, in a recent email.  Here are a few excerpts (note:  the process they talk about below typically takes weeks to accomplish):

Dear friends,

“We are so overwhelmed by the way God has answered our and your prayers. Here is the story of our last few days. 
Everlyn came on Sunday… We were discharged from the hospital last night… Dan went to town to get the birth certificate this morning… There have been almost daily demonstrations in the area where he was, and bad rioting/tear gas this afternoon, but there were no demonstrations this morning… He got everything done by lunchtime….  After lunch Everlyn was awake, so we took a shot at getting her passport photo. She’s never wide awake, which is a must for passport. They got a good picture in three tries…. Our friends (missionaries in Nairobi whom we have known for two weeks. They have really been like angels in our lives) came to visit and gave us an emergency line for the embassy. (Normal procedure booking online show no appointments available through December)… Dan called, and they said, “tomorrow is a public holiday, Thursdays are the elections, try to send us an email.” We did. An hour ago. We JUST got an email back saying we have an appointment TOMORROW (a holiday) at 8 am. The process to get an appointment can take two or more weeks. 
We just want to praise God so much. We are really, really amazed by His grace, and the miraculous ways He has answered these specific prayers.
Please keep praying for us. 
God is so amazing; praising Him so much.
Dan, Paula, Everlyn”
We will post a photo of Everlyn as soon as we receive one!
RAIN HAS STARTED – There has been severe drought in East Africa for some time…worse in some places than in others.  Lion of Judah Academy and the surrounding area has been hard hit and, while we have food available for the students, prices have risen 200 – 300% — a severe strain on our budget.  There is great hope and anxiety for the coming “short rain season” — what if the rain is insufficient and another crop fails?  Results could be devastating.  We spoke to the school just a couple of days ago:  the rains have just started.  Please join us in prayer for a good, strong season of rains which will bring forth an abundant crop, and which in turn will go a long way toward breaking the drought and the resulting food shortages in East Africa.
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