Form 6 National Exams…and RAIN NEEDED!

Some important things you should know about….

First:  FORM 6 NATIONAL EXAMS — Our Form 6 students begin taking their national exams on May 2, and continue a couple of days.  These exams are extremely important because they are basically their university qualification and placement exams.  In some ways they are similar to our SAT’s…only even more is riding on them for the students.  Our students have a record of performing very well on these exams, but it’s a lot of pressure and a great deal is riding on them.

Second:  RAIN DESPERATELY NEEDED — East Africa generally has been experiencing very low rainfall over the past couple of years, and typically our region of Tanzania gets considerably less rain than most of East Africa.  So drought conditions have been developing.  It is currently the season when it should be raining.  It has been raining some, however the rains got a late start, and need to continue at least until at least mid-May before any significant relief will be experienced.  If they stop before then the crops will not have had enough rain to mature and produce a decent harvest.  If these rains fail there will be serious problems in the area and at the school.  Food prices have already increased considerably and Mtebe is feeling “the pinch” of having to divert funds from educational projects to the food budget.  We will be evaluating this situation closely while we are there and will keep you updated.  The last time this happened, back in 2011-12, things got so bad in the area that we initiated an ’emergency feeding program’ for our students as well as children in the Bulima area.  We calculated that we provided about 30,000 emergency meals over about a years time.  It was extremely difficult.

Lynn and Hart Inlow are traveling to The Lion of Judah Academy in just a couple of days.  They will be leaving early morning Tuesday, May 2…arriving in Mwanza Wednesday evening and then on to the school.  They’ll be there most of the month of May.

ATTENTION:  Would you be interested in traveling to the school in late August/September?  It seems there is growing interest in a team to travel to the school during that time.  While several projects are ‘in the works,’ a couple involve setting up a new library for the primary school, and renovating the girls dormitory…getting close to 15 years old now!  If you’re interested in knowing more please contact us!

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