2017 School Year Begins – January 16

Classes for the 2017 school year at The Lion of Judah Academy start up first thing Monday morning, January 16.

Students have been arriving over the weekend, and the biggest – as well as the most unexpected – new feature to greet them is the new addition to the boys dormitory.  The dorm was a long way from being finished when the students left at the end of last November, but much has been accomplished during the past 6-7 weeks.  The addition is currently about 50% completed, but that’s enough to put it into use to house the boys who have been living in various locations scattered around the campus.  Work is continuing and we expect the entire dorm will be about 95%  completed within the next three weeks.


Constructing the new boys’ dorm

If you haven’t yet see the photos of the dorm project please visit the link below…it will take you to the school’s Flickr Albums site…there are also other albums there you may enjoy.

Lion of Judah Academy Albums

The most recent of the dorm project photos was taken a couple of weeks ago.  Since then most of the floors, walls and ceilings have been completed.

We are expecting about 750 students this year, in classes ranges for Awali (kindergarten) to Form 6 (university preparation)…that is 14 grade levels.

Prayer concerns for the coming weeks…

We have not been faithful keeping up with the “Prayer Needs” page on this blog and for that we are sorry…we’re committing ourselves to do a better job with that.

There are some important concerns right now, including:

The start of the school year…please pray…

  • for the safe arrival of all returning students…some travel from as far as three days away
  • for God’s Holy Spirit to equip all the students and all the staff with the spiritual graces they will need to succeed academically, and thrive spiritually
  • for need financial resources for all the students and families; and for God’s provision of needed supplies, materials, equipment and food for the school (see below for more about the drought conditions)

Drought in Tanzania and food shortages – the entire nation of Tanzania is currently suffering a major drought with the related food shortages.  Drought can be serious in North American and European countries, but there are almost always alternative food supplies…even if they are expensive.  That is not always the case in East Africa.  A growing drought problem is gripping the entire country.  We know, from experience, this means significantly elevated food prices for the supplies the school needs…and if the spring rains are not sufficient for a harvest, people are going to experience drastic food shortages.   Please pray for relief and for rain.  The spring rains are due in March-April-May.

School Director Mtebe’s father – Director Mtebe’s father has become seriously ill, and is currently hospitalized.  He definitely has pneumonia.  But in addition he has been unable to keep down food and nutrition.  Please pray for him…his name is Sosthenes Mtebe.  He is a wonderful man, and a dear supporter of the ministry of Lion of Judah Academy

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