Earthquake in Tanzania — LOJA is Not Affected

Some of you may have heard the news regarding a large earthquake in northwest Tanzania on September 11.  There was significant loss of life and property damage.  While the earthquake was felt at The Lion of Judah Academy, there were no injuries and no damage.

At the time the earthquake hit a gathering was taking place in the school chapel.  The school’s alumni were meeting with school director Mtebe and special guests — the Regional Commissioner (somewhat equivilant to a governor in the U.S.) and District Commissioner (somewhat equivilant to the mayor of a large city).


While they felt the quake, and comments were made about it, it was not until the next day anyone realized how serious the earthquake had been.

While we are thanking God the school, students and staff were spared, many others were not so fortunate.  Please pray for those in Tanzania who lost their lives and were, in other ways, affected by this disaster.  The most recent report we have seen lists 16 dead and over 250 injured.

The earthquake was felt more intensely on the other side — the western side — of Lake Victoria, in the Bukoba area.



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