August Work Team to Help Build Dormitory

On August 10, 2016, an eight-member team will be heading off to The Lion of Judah Academy for a two-week mission trip.  Several important projects are scheduled, but perhaps the most ambitious is to work on completing the new wing of the boys’ dormitory.

The first phase of the dorm was occupied in 2011, as pictured below.  It is a very large U-shaped building, with study rooms, bathrooms/toilets, sleeping rooms, dorm parent quarters, etc.


However, from the day it was occupied we knew it was only half-completed.  The girls’ dorm is a fully enclosed quad-type structure, and we knew the boys would also need such a fully-enclosed structure.  Various obstacles such as other priorities, lack of funds, etc., have delayed work on the second half of the dorm until this year.  But now we are moving ahead with great urgency on the project.  With God’s help, we may have it completed before the end of the year.

This team hopes to make major progress toward that goal!

The design calls for a second U-shaped building, very much like the existing building, to be attached to the first building…making the dorm a fully-enclosed quad.  The foundation has already been laid and allowed to “cure” (or settle) through a rainy-season…an important requirement to insure the integrity and stability of the foundation.  Now building on top of the foundation is underway.

By the time the team arrives thousands of cement blocks…each one made on-site and by hand…will be ready.  They will join the school’s “fundis” – local craftsmen – laying blocks and doing other necessary and important work on this building.

The older male students, who are now having to ‘make do’ sleeping in other areas of the campus, will soon have a dorm of their own…and this team is going to be a huge help!

If you would like to part of this project there are plenty of ways to participate, even if you can’t go to Tanzania.  We expect a project of this size will require close to $50,000, including all the  supplies and materials for construction, as well as the bathrooms, electrical fixtures, furnishings like beds, tables and chairs (all made by the school craftsmen), and so forth.

Your prayers are critical!  And financial contributions toward the project are most appreciated!

When the team returns we’ll post photos and reports of their progress.



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