More News of Academic Excellence — National Exam Results

By now, we are accustomed to receiving reports about the academic excellence at The Lion of Judah Academy.  Academic excellence, combined with Christian commitment, have become the hallmarks of the school, its students and staff.

However even we are amazed by what we have recently learned about the results of last fall’s Form 4 national examination!  Form 4 is roughly equivalent to 12th grade.  All form 4 students take this exam, and a student must do very well on it in order to qualify for form 5 (A-level, or Advanced level secondary school).  Simply passing the exam is not enough…their scores must excel.  If they don’t qualify, they will have no opportunity to go on to form 5, or university.

To put what we are going to tell you in perspective, only about 50% of all form 4 students who taken the exam, even pass the exam.  If a school has 2 or 3 students who qualify for form 5, they have reason to celebrate, because that school has done quite well.

Last year’s class was the first Lion of Judah Academy to take the exam.  We were hopeful the students would do well.  But this was a new experience for the school, as well as for all the students.  How well had we actually prepared them?

Well, the results are in.

Thirty-0ne out of thirty-eight students not only passed the exam, they received such excellent scores that they qualified for Form 5!!

That is absolutely extraordinary.  31 our of 38 qualified for form 5!

Lion of Judah Academy students preparing for the national exam

Study Group outside the Library, preparing for the exam

School director Mtebe, not known for overstatements or exaggerations, reports, “everyone is talking about it!”

That, in combination with the fact that The Lion of Judah Academy has welcomed its first form 5 class, continues to demonstrate God’s remarkable blessing on the school project.  By opening form 5 we have become the only school within about 50 miles to offer A level classes (form 5 and form 6).

We are praising God, and thanking you for your prayers and support!

Lion of Judah Academy students in Science Lab

Students in Science Classes

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